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[ drive solutions for the mobility of the future ]

Micromobility is a disruptive development in the field of urban transportation, revolutionizing our cities and everyday lives. But what exactly does this term encompass? In short, micromobility refers to a variety of small, eco-friendly, and often electric-powered means of transportation that provide excellent alternatives to conventional vehicles.

The definition of micromobility covers a broad range of vehicles, including e-scooters, e-bikes, e-rollers, segways, and more. These compact and lightweight vehicles are ideal for shorter distances in densely populated areas, offering efficient, cost-effective, and time-saving solutions for daily mobility needs.

Experts predict that the demand for micromobility solutions will continue to rise as more and more people appreciate the benefits of these eco-friendly means of transportation, not only in individual mobility but also in the transportation and logistics sector, particularly in the crucial “last mile” delivery.

The “last mile” plays a vital role not only in urban transportation, where it refers to the short distance from a transportation hub, such as a train station, bus terminal, or subway station, to the final destination, be it an office, university, or home. Many cities worldwide are actively embracing micromobility by creating infrastructures tailored to these small vehicles, reducing traffic congestion, and enhancing the quality of urban life.

Moreover, the “last mile” has become increasingly significant in the transport and logistics sector. It denotes the final stage of the supply chain, where goods are transported from a distribution center or warehouse to the end customers. This step is often the most complex and time-consuming part of the entire delivery process, involving efficient route planning, considering traffic conditions, and ensuring timely deliveries. More and more logistics companies recognize the advantages of integrating micromobility into their delivery fleet. Electric cargo bikes, vans, e-scooters, or other small electric vehicles allow delivery personnel to navigate congested urban streets skillfully, bypass traffic bottlenecks, and reduce delivery times.

However, the shift towards electrified micro-mobility is not only evident in urban areas. The continuously increasing sales figures of e-bikes and pedelecs substantiate the significance of these comfortable and environmentally friendly means of transportation, even in rural areas. Improved technologies and extended battery ranges make them a highly attractive alternative to conventional bicycles and vehicles, particularly for longer distances or steep inclines.

No other area of mobility places such high demands on gear and drive technology as micromobility. Depending on the requirements profile, there is a conflict of interest between the attributes of installation space, weight, power density, efficiency and noise. Reducing weight by slimming down components, for example, can cause vibration and result in greater noise development. In e-bikes, though, this is precisely what has to be avoided, since a smooth ride is paramount for many customers when making a purchasing decision.

Morat Swoboda Motion has already spent years investing in the research areas of plastics and metal to achieve the best possible results in gear development by intelligently pairing the two materials. This results not only in high-precision gearing components, but also in complete drive units.

[ application examples ]

Gear wheel set for e-bike middle motor

Morat Swoboda manufactures the gear wheel set for a well-known manufacturer of e-bike drive systems. Due to the use in e-mountain bikes and the associated high demands on performance and torque, high forces have to be transmitted in the transmission. In order to achieve optimal noise behavior, the components are helically geared and are optimally matched to one another in terms of gear geometry.

Spur gear stage for e-bikes

The advantages of pairing metal and plastic come into play in this application. The high-precision spur gear stage for e-bike motors consists of a metal helical rotor shaft and a plastic gear. This gear stage ensures a weight reduction as well as smooth operation and a long service life thanks to the Made in Germany quality.

Gear assembly for e-bike hub motor

Morat Swoboda manufactures and assembles the gear unit for a manufacturer of premium folding e-bikes. The demands on the weight and noise behavior of e-bike drives are increasing all the time. Thanks to our own plastic injection molding production, hybrid assemblies made of steel and plastic can be manufactured in-house. In addition to the transmission assembly, the brake system is installed for the customer.

Tube drive for e-bikes

The compact tube drive can be integrated almost invisibly into the e-bike frame. The multi-stage planetary gear with a hybrid planetary gearset delivers markedly improved NVH performance. The planetary carrier and gearbox housing are made of aluminum, resulting in a weight reduction and optimized heat transfer.
A crown gear set transmits the torque to the crankshaft. Axial adjustment of the pinion is not necessary, increasing reliability in the assembly process and reducing production costs.

Planetary stage for cargo bike hub drives

E-cargo bikes are an impressive part of the “last mile” of transport logistics with their performance, flexibility, environmental friendliness and cost-effectiveness. The hub motor with a planetary stage stands out as a particularly innovative drive solution. Its special features are its robust design combined with maximum precision and very high efficiency alongside smooth operation.

Compact wheel hub drive with integrated planetary gear

Wheel hub gears provide propulsion through smart cities in electric mini cars. The powerful and ultra-compact gear units (together with wheel, motor and control) are part of the e-axle. The axle is easily scalable thanks to the modular design and thus has its place in a variety of vehicle types, such as cargo bikes and small electric cars.

Planetary gear for e-scooters

Thanks to the powerful planetary gear, e-scooters are equipped for any incline in the city. The planetary gearbox impresses with its compact design, light aluminum housing and high gear ratio.

Rotor shaft for electric motor scooters

This rotor shaft is manufactured for one of the largest automotive suppliers in the bike industry and is used in the motors of electric motor scooters. The entire range of manufacturing, from turning and gear cutting to grinding, is used during the manufacturing process.