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From safety and driver assistance systems all the way to fully automated self-driving vehicles – automation presents great potential for a new, safe and efficient era of mobility. Networked services and the Internet of Things (IoT) are important building blocks along the way.
Individual mobility is shaped more and more today by online apps for car and bike sharing, public transportation and even networked and automated parking structures. Modern modes of transportation such as e-bikes, e-scooters and Segways are increasingly available and making their way into plans for that last mile of travel – all of it another step on the long road to the “smart city.”

Annual increases of around 3% in personal traffic and 3.5% in goods transport alongside all manner of requirements from different customers are pitted against general requirements such as cost effectiveness and carbon neutrality – these are the challenges for the mobility of the future.
Battery-powered drives, fuel cell electric drives, modern diesel, gasoline or hybrid drives – each concept offers particular advantages for various applications from the long haul to the proverbial last mile. And they are continuously being further developed and optimized to rise up to the challenges.

We’re playing our part in this with high-precision, high-performance gear components, gearboxes, electronic and electromechanical components and even complete drive systems.
Reduction in installation space and weight, high power density and efficiency and low noise emission are just some of the achievements made through intelligent material combinations and continuous improvement in production methods. The optimal design for gears, gearboxes and ultimately the entire drive system has been made possible by decades of experience, nonstop research, multiple tests and series of tests and constant investment in new production technologies.


E-bikes / cargo bikes – Individual mobility and the “last mile” are central themes for creating a modern smart city. We play our part with precision, noise-optimized gear components and compact, high-performance gearboxes.


Gear components, gearboxes, electromechanical components or complete drive systems. Whether for comfort drives, driver assistance systems or right in the drivetrain.