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By tightly intertwining development and series production, including quality control, Morat Swoboda Motion ensures top quality in the production of high-performance gearbox solutions that measure up to the increased material and performance requirements of electromobility drive components and systems. MSM has equal mastery in both metal processing and plastic injection molding technology and takes on all assembly work, including end-of-line testing, after quality control of all components has been conducted.

Plastic injection molding

In the production of precision injection molded parts, we process all thermoplastics, a wide variety of fillers and reinforcing agents and the temperature-resistant material PEEK™. Our in-house mold making with its state-of-the-art machinery ensures a stable production launch and adherence to deadlines. From standard batch tracing to end-to-end logging of production parameters, we meet the strict requirements of many different industries.

Metal processing

Our high degree of vertical integration, experienced employees and end-to-end quality control guarantee high-quality, high-precision gear components. All metal processing work steps that are crucial to quality, such as turning, gear cutting, external cylindrical grinding, profile grinding, generating grinding, gear hobbing and gear shaping are carried out in-house. We are one of the few manufacturers in our industry to have our own heat treatment processes.


Once all components have successfully undergone quality testing, the drive units are mounted on the assembly island, which is set up according to the latest ergonomic and economic considerations, and undergo an end-of-line inspection. Our portfolio of drive solutions includes partially assembled components, standardized modular gearbox components and ready-to-use complete drives, including a motor, sensors and a control system. We use a wide variety of machining processes and testing methods during assembly.

Testing & validation

The production process and the production facilities integrated into it are optimized until they meet the required quality targets. The production process and product are approved for series production in customer audits. Our drive systems undergo an end-of-line inspection before they ship. In this step, the requirements documented in the functional specifications concerning quality properties such as service life, noise, leak-tightness and ambient influences are verified on state-of-the-art test benches.

Quality management

The satisfaction of our customers is what drives us every day. What that means for us is that a project must meet the specified requirements all the way from the feasibility study to series delivery. Both Swoboda and the Franz Morat Group introduced a highly efficient quality management early on. The common standard is the certification according to IATF 16949, which combines numerous quality standards of the automobile industry.