Signing of the cooperation agreement in the district office of Kłodzko
Participants (from left):
Mariusz Bielecki – Framo Morat Polska Plant Manager,
Agata Osicka-Bochan – representative of Morat Swoboda Motion,
Piotr Marchewka – member of the Board of Directors of Kłodzko Poviat,
Maciej Awiżeń – Kłodzko District Councilor,
Brygida Gąsior – Director of Noworudz Technical School

Framo Morat Polska and Morat Swoboda Motion, the joint venture between Franz Morat Group and Swoboda, signed a cooperation agreement with the Kłodzko County Technical School on March 18. The two companies will take over the patronage of a new technology class for the machine tool operator apprenticeship, which will be launched on September 1, 2022. 

The cooperation agreements with the two companies stipulate that about 10 students will be provided with an extensive theoretical and practical education program. Scholarships, teaching materials and protective clothing will also be provided. As part of the education program, the two companies will teach the latest technologies in the assembly of drive projects and the series production of gear components. During the training, the trainees actively participate in the production process. 

District Councillor Maciej Awiżeń emphasizes that the vocational training center under the auspices of local companies has been working very successfully so far and it is a good instrument for providing young people with qualified education and thus prospects for the future. 

At the same time, for the two companies Framo Morat Polska and Morat Swoboda Motion, it is an investment in the future, which consists not only of a high-tech production plant with latest technologies and machines, the most important aspect is motivated and well educated employees, who are the foundation for the future of the two companies, adds Mariusz Bielecki, plant manager of Framo Morat Polska.